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In season two, we explore the girls' lineage, heritage, and where they come from. The witches' are forced to go back to the homes they desperately wanted to escape. A place where generational trauma and curses still exist. However, these are places that hold the answers to who they are and who the women before them were.

We will take a deeper look into the childhoods of each witch, the backstory of our other supernatural characters, and the worlds they come from. What's Chelsea's motive? Why is Ada really here? What is the prophecy? Is Jules a good vamp? Where's Kyle's wolf pack? 

The reception, love, and support we've received have been humbling and overwhelming. We are also striving to be better for ourselves and our viewers. For next season, we would like to improve on many aspects of our project. Areas including cinematography, audio, lighting, visual effects, and more. Our main goal is to give our followers what they've been asking for: LONGER EPISODES.


Please take a moment to view our Seed & Spark campaign as we raise funding to continue to create magic.