The Story

Culture + Magic

Ally, Gigi, & Yaya are the typical modern-day millennials—not. 


Just like many young adults, they go through the mundane process of trying to balance their sanity with their insanity when it comes to adulting. Nonetheless, for these beautiful babes, their adulting comes with a side of hook-ups with sexy vampires (yum), stepping over to the dark side (because… fun), and pissing off Salem descendants (super exciting).


This is a story of not only magic. It is a story of heritage and history that was lost. A story that sheds light on the African diaspora exploring similar traditions and cultures. Also a story of what many millennials, especially women, face today. It’s their duty to finish what their ancestors started; to take back what’s theirs and to kick some ass—and to make sure rent is paid.

The Importance

Why This Story Matters

 "Growing up, I've watched many shows. My first introduction to the supernatural was the film Teen Witch (1989). I then fell in love with other movies and shows such as The Craft, Practical Magic, Buffy, Sabrina, Charmed, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood,  and more. Though these shows brought me much excitement, I didn't see myself in these characters. I wanted to experience supernatural beings who look like me. Blacks and People of Color are very underrepresented in the fantasy genre. I think it's time to start writing our stories in the fantasy realm. We are long overdue for Black witches, vampires, werewolves, sirens, soothsayers, fauns, etc. We hold an abundance of history which includes magic stemming back to Africa."

- Moon Ferguson

The Mission


"For many years, our favorite witches, vampires, and werewolves have been those who rarely look like us.  Though we've enjoyed their stories, there's still a void in connection.  There has been a slight rise in Blacks in fantasy films and TV shows (e.g. Siempre Bruja/Always A Witch, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Charmed Reboot) but not as the main character narrating their own journey and digging into their roots. It's all about to change. Help us achieve the goal of opening doors for other fantasy storytellers of color. Think about the little boys and little girls who love Harry Potter, imagine if they had a Hermione with full, black curls like them, or a Harry with a snazzy hair cut and brown skin. It's time to include all ethnicities in this realm."

- Moon Ferguson 


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